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You know, she said, “silly stuff like that.” A missed connection is fleeting, in terms of the encounter and the corresponding post’s seven-day shelf life. Seventeen years after its was established, the Craigslist section lives on.

The popularity of Missed Connections might have peaked somewhere between “You’ve Got Mail”-era chat rooms and the creation of dating apps, but it’s still common to find at least a dozen new posts on the D. “The post is your opportunity to be heard,” said Lin, who spoke on the condition that only her first name be used.

She’s shot from far away, and it’s hard to make out her features, but she’s wearing a pink scarf and sensible shoes and has her hands folded demurely in front of her.

She’s looking, she writes, “for somebody who knows what it means when an unexpected tragedy brings you down to your very existence.”Garritano’s portraits seem to acknowledge that it is an act of bravery, especially in America’s feel-good, can-do culture, to admit that you might be lonely, although, of course, many people feel that way.

Many of the people posting are new to town, hoping to get a foothold in New York life.

“I’m not sure exactly how to approach the city,” a young man writes, adding that he figures that his chiselled looks could earn him some fast cash working in adult entertainment, if only he had a friend to advise him.

Tryst, the beloved Adams Morgan coffeehouse, used to have a missed-connections website, too.

“Seeking” presents each portrait alongside the subject’s Craigslist ad, which, taken together, convey a dizzying range of interests, personalities, desires, projects, anxieties.Lin doesn’t know if she’ll hear from him, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming up her own romantic comedy.The 24-year-old Dupont Circle resident walked past a tall, bespectacled man outside a Juan Valdez cafe few weeks ago, and they exchanged glances.Others are veteran New Yorkers in need of a change of pace.“Gay White dude who is fed up with his bar fly, drugged out friends,” a man who resembles “a thin Rabbi” writes.

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