Dating biblical women

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The historical accuracy of the New & Old Testaments has been confirmed again & again by modern archeology.One excellent example is in what the Bible says about Abraham.12-14 of Genesis and one even has his father's name.Archeological discoveries also show these towns were in existence until about 2,000 B. No longer can the Bible's critics get away with accusing us of being naive or foolish today when we believe what the Bible says about Abraham like they used to in the 20th century.The Bible's bold declaration that it is the divine and protected word of God is supported by any number of amazing, seemingly impossible prophecies and their fulfillments.

Scripture instructs women to be meek, gentle and submissive not because these are character traits that come naturally to women, but because they are the exact opposite of the fallen woman’s tendency.On the basis that no evidence was currently available they declared Abraham a mythical character.Recent evidence however has proven beyond any question the existence of an advanced civilization in UR of the Chaldeans during the 21st and 20th centuries B. Abraham's historicity is also confirmed by ancient inscriptions that bear the names of almost very town mentioned in Ch.For instance, the opening of Genesis, penned by Moses was actually 'The Creation Hymn', sung for ages, finally written down. But alas, translating it alone would not be enough to get it to the English - speaking people.Efforts to translate the Bible into English began with Aldhiem's Psalms in A. For almost 250 years after the job was completed the throne of England violently opposed its propagation, cruelly martyring men like William Tyndale burned at the stake for smuggling bibles - struggling to get God's work to the people!

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