Dating website pick up lines

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I wish I was an Abra, so I could TELEPORT to your bedroom. It's a good thing that I'm a pokemon trainer and can handle your Jigglypuffs! Do you have a Ditto in your pocket because I can see myself in your pants. I think I'm going to need a Burn Heal because you're hot. Why don't you and me go back to my gym and have a naked battle. star Mi E and star YU belong together do you get the message?If you want to learn how to pick up girls, you’ve just hit the jackpot. How would you like me to use my Onix to BIND you to my bed?

It’s so simple you can start putting it into action immediately.

I wish you were the ground and I was a Diglett so I could be inside of you.

My Magikarp knows a little more than SPLASH if you know what I mean. I've got an Onyx, and if you come over to my place I'll show you his move Earthquake (TM 27).

I think I need a Paralyze Heal, because you're stunning.

My Gyarados is BIG enough for you to ride it ALL day and night.

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