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2) You’re words instead of actions focused If he says I’m the best thing since sliced bread and I want to marry you and take you to the moon because I’m so nice, and trustworthy, and crazy about you and then he shows you he’s a dipstick, that he’s got several women on the go, that he’ll take you to heartbreak hotel, he has an allergy to the truth, and that he’s crazy but just not about you, and not only do you still stay, but you keep telling yourself that he said he was ‘X’Y, Z in the beginning’, online dating is super dangerous for you.

Any ‘ole Tom, Dick, or Harry can come along, write whatever they want, and irrespective of whatever red flags appear and behaviours that contradict the words, you’ll stick with the words.

As you can imagine, a lot of comments and emails hit my inbox each month and after reading so many tales of online dating woe, here are 10 things that make online dating a tricky avenue for many people. If you’re the type of person who meets someone and then fairly sharpish wonders what your surname will sound like with his and are already thinking about if he’s The One, what you’ll be doing next year and yada yada yada, you’re not cut out for online dating which is full of illusions that need to cleared away to get the reality.

You can be anyone you want to be online – just ask the men and women who pretend they’re single whilst their partner is fast asleep downstairs…

4) You think you have a lot in common with your partners…when you don’t I’ve discussed this extensively in my posts on compatibility, type, and common interests as well as 10 reasons why women choose men that they really shouldn’t, and ‘But we have so much in common!

.‘ As humans we seem to be obsessed with finding people who have GSOH, like classical music, eating Thai food, climbing the mountains, talking intellectual doo doo, and feeling like there is a meeting of the minds.

It’s just so easy to get sucked in when you’ve got ‘type’ on the mind because you’ll ignore the big stuff like red flags, boundary crossing, and values.

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I’ve had a lot of requests to talk about online dating again.

Online dating requires that you marry up subsequent actions with the words and if they don’t match, you should know something isn’t right. 3) You’re superficial I know a lot of people whose vision and brains get clouded when they see someone who looks just how they would like their mate to be – their ‘type’.

Maybe throw in that he’s got a good edumacation (yes I did spell it like that for fun), a great job, nice house, money in the bank and yada yada yada, and all of these things will be focused on, whilst failing to notice that the person is not someone of substance.

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