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Ces nombres vous indiquent combien de cases sont à noircir.Par exemple, un "4" indique une séquence de 4 cases noires.The first edition of 5,000 Colours is already sold out, with a second edition on the way.Clemens said: 'The idea came from enjoying the subtle differences in the blue of a sky in a particularly brutal jigsaw puzzle.'I found that without the presence of image detail to help locate a piece I was relying only on an intuitive sense of colour, and this was much more satisfying to do than the areas with image details.'What is strange is that unlike ordinary puzzles where you are in effect redrawing a specific picture from a reference, you have a sense of where every piece belongs compared to every other piece.' He added: 'There is a real logic in the doing that is weirdly soothing, therapeutic. Not sure if that would be game breaking as you could probably pinpoint which square was wrong (defeating the challenge of the puzzle).I can see myself addicted to this type of puzzle with a little more polish. You already know to add more puzzles, regrettably I don't have the patience or the time to finish the puzzle (first picto game I've ever played) but it is very entertaining for those puzzle heads.Between every sequence can be one or more empty squares. - Click to fill a square; - Shift click to mark an empty square; - Ctrl/Command click to erase a square.

Servez-vous à la fois des indices horizontaux et verticaux.I marked most of my puzzle only to realize I had made a mistake, but there was no way to salvage the game other than to restart.Maybe a hint button that shows the number of mistakes in a given row or column?Flash Container responds: I'm thinking of doing some sort of options, so you could decide playing like the real thing (like now) or getting hints when you make mistakes (and loosing points). best thing I can suggest is making a main menu, make easy, med, hard unlockables, and throw some more sexy in. Good, but unrewarding The picross puzzle itself is good, but I thought you'd unlock something after solving it.When I finally completed it and clicked "Check Solution", all I got were an "congratulations" message. It got the essential parts of a picross game, but I think you can still improve that. Nobody reads the author's comments As a hint, nobody reads the author's comments. I've played puzzles like this before, that's the only reason I knew how to play.

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