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By the time that the Polish 12th Podolski Lancers, under General Anders, raised their regimental flag on the ruins of Monte Cassino at 9.30am their casualty rates were 3,779 killed or wounded.The flag was hastily sewn together from pieces of a Red Cross flag and soldiers' handkerchiefs.After a five day trial he was found guilty of a War Crime and sentenced to death. on the morning of December 1, 1944, General Dostler was tied to a stake on the firing range of the 803rd Military Police Battalion located near Aversa, Italy.On November 27, 1944, the Mediterranean Theatre Commander, Lieutenant General Matthew B. A black hood was placed over his head, a white marker pinned to his chest and the order to fire was given to the 12 enlisted men of the US Army who composed the firing squad.Starting on August 27, 1942, they arrested 9,872 Jews in Vichy-controlled Lyon and transported them to Drancy, near Paris, prior to deportation to Auschwitz.In an effort to negotiate with the Allies the SS offered to exchange Jews for 1,000 trucks.When their uniforms were seen by the Hungarian prisoners already in the camp, scenes of "unbelievable jubilation were witnessed as the prisoners ran to the wire cheering and sobbing in the belief that their policemen had come to rescue them." Around 365,000 Hungarian Jews were transported to their deaths after the occupation of their country.The majority of women and children were murdered within hours of their arrival.

He had no other option but to jump and threw himself into the night at 18,000 feet.But after the occupation, and after Eichmann and his SS units moved in, the deportations began on May 15, 1944, the first train reaching Auschwitz on the 17th.The pro-German Government co-operated by ordering its policemen to escort their deportees to Auschwitz.) its government actively supported the Nazis in the deportation of its Jews.Up till 1944, the Hungarian Regent, Admiral Horthy, had steadfastly refused Hitler's offer to resettle the Hungarian Jews.

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